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About Me

Creative. Adventurous. Avid Leaner. Storyteller. 

Ramona Singh is a small business owner, a Communications Specialist, and an internationally experienced telecoms executive in FinTech, IoT and Mobile Network solutions. As a dynamic media personality, Ramona has produced and hosted numerous talkshows featured on cable TV, radio and social media.  


As a community and grassroots advocate, Ramona has been active in municipal, provincial and federal politics working on various campaigns. Prior to her private sector career, she worked as a public servant at Correctional Service Canada NHQ in Ottawa after she graduated from Carlton University with a BA in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law, she also has a diploma in Police Foundations.


In her volunteer capacity Ramona is a board member of COHAN, a charitable organization focused on case management and education for seniors suffering from dementia and alzheimer's disease. 

Ramona loves to travel and learn about other cultures, she has visited 39 countries so far. She also enjoys reading biographies and watching documentaries. She incorporates personal development programs and events into her schedule to contribute to her ultimate goal of continuous self-growth. 

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