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Dolores Cannon, the creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, dedicated nearly 50 years refining this modality. During the session you can establish a connection with the Subconscious, alternatively referred to as the "Oversoul," the "Higher Self," or the "Higher Consciousness," that facilitates profound and transformative healing. This aspect of yourself is vast, expansive, wise, and compassionate.  It possesses in-depth knowledge about you, your life, your plans, and your connections with others. It's prepared to collaborate with you in a way that promotes healing and offers clarity because it perceives the bigger picture – the purpose of your soul.

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Past-life exploration:

Gain a deeper understanding of patterns, relationships, and lessons that have carried over into their current life. This insight can foster healing, personal growth, and a broader perspective on life's challenges.


Facilitate emotional and physical healing by uncovering the root causes of specific issues or ailments. Identify and address deep-seated emotional wounds, traumas, or unresolved conflicts. 

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Enhance self-awareness by delving into the subconscious mind, to gain insights into ones true nature, life purpose, and unique talents. It allows one to take control of their life by identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and behaviours that hold them back.

Spiritual development:

May experience expanded consciousness and heightened awareness, forming a deep sense of interconnectedness and oneness beyond the individual self. Leading to a greater understanding of universal truths, the nature of reality, and the interconnected web of existence.

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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a heart-based modality focuses on energetic approach to assist clients in their self-healing journey. It is a holistic healing modality that aims to access and work with the multidimensional aspects of the human being.


As a certified practitioner, I help clients connect with their inner wisdom and higher consciousness to explore and address issues that may originate from realms beyond our conscious understanding and the physical world. During a BQH session, clients can connect with various aspects of themselves, including their Higher Self, Oversoul, or a variety of spiritual entities such as spirit guides, beings of light, ascended masters, spirit animals, and ancestors, all of which play a role in guiding us on our soul's path.


In BQH, I may employ a combination of techniques tailored to the client's needs to support their journey of self-healing. This can include meditation, hypnosis, past-life regression, energy work, intuitive guidance, womb chakra healing, and five elements healing, among others. The objective is to offer a comprehensive and personalized healing experience that aligns with the client's unique requirements and aspirations.


If you feel drawn to experience this distinctive self-healing practice, please schedule a session with me. We will arrange a virtual 30-minute consultation before our session to connect and prepare for your journey.

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